Handmade Knives

We hand make a range of knives to suit any purpose; all manner of culinary/kitchen knives and cleavers; hunting, fishing and utility knives; axes and tomahawks; ceremonial and dress knives, daggers and the occasional sword.

All our knives are 100% hand made on site here at Mother Mountain Forge.

We start by heating the metal in the forge and hand shaping it using hammer and anvil. Then the grinding, annealing, tempering and hardening are all done in our workshop. We also hand-craft all our handles using a wide range of materials, many local, many recycled, as well as making our own leather or timber sheaths, scabbards and display boxes. We only make our blades from high carbon steel, not stainless. 


We do take custom orders, but not down to millimetre specifics, we do still like to have some creative input in the finished item.  We can make a knife to suit your purpose, and you can choose materials for the handle and guard making a truly unique piece.  Please be aware that all our knives are literally hand made; we don't use jigs/moulds/machines. So this means that while we can make a knife similar to another one we have made previously, no two knives will ever be exactly the same shape or size. Also as a professional courtesy, we do not copy other makers or brands designs. 

Please feel free to look through our gallery of past works for inspiration, we also sometimes have a range of knives at our workshop ready for you to purchase. These are listed in the for sale section of this website. 


To buy a knife from us, especially over the internet, we require your full name, address and driver’s license number, just to confirm that you are of legal age.

We are happy to post your knife to you, but it is your responsibility to check that the knife you are buying is legal in your state. All our knives are legal in NSW and ACT, but some states have some different laws. Google search for knife laws in your state, but ensure that it is a government based site. We will try to link to some in the near future. 

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