Damascus Axes, Daggers and Ceremonial Knives

Fancy something really special and different? How about a Damascus axe or dagger? Need a unique knife to complete your ceremony or as an art piece on your wall?  Try a Damascus creation. One of the most beautiful and varied methods of creation, using different steels forge welded together and manipulated in different configurations to give you an endless variety of individual patterns. While we can make to order, please keep in mind that as we hand make our own Damascus billets here onsite, they are all unique and no 2 knives or axes will ever be the same. 

Damascus Pole Axe

A long pole style axe with a twist pattern Damascus head, all hand forged by Iain from his own Damascus. Handle is scorched English ash with ironbark. 

Was $1550, now $1100

Total length: 1310mm, head width: 236mm, blade length: 182mm, weight: 1610g

Scorched Damascus Axe

This is a fantasy inspired, large flared head axe with a higher layer Damascus steel head. It has a raindrop pattern along the blade side, and twists that follow around the head. The handle is a scorched rock maple timber with hand carved detail below the head and deep groove carving on the grip of the handle.


Total length: 955mm, blade length: 175mm, head width: 194mm, weight: 3300g

Integral Damascus Dirk

We call this one the "Aberdeen Toothpick". It is an extra long Scottish dress dirk, made from 100+ layer twist Damascus. It is a fully integral knife, all forged from one piece, no joins - the tang goes through the handle and then shapes into the pommel. The handle is African ebony timber, hand carved into a stylised Scottish Thistle. It will come with a leather sheath. 


Total length: 475mm, blade length: 320mm, blade width: 25mm, weight: 365g. 

Damascus Viking Axe

A large Viking style axe with a beautiful hand made Damascus head, fully forged in a bowtie style, with a QLD hickory timber handle. Comes with a patterned leather head cover. 


Total length: 745mm, head length: 175mm, head width: 175mm, weight: 987g, total weight: 1120g

Rune Damascus Langseax

My take on a Saxon/Viking Langseax. Seax was the old English word for knife, but has now come to mean a certain type of sword/dagger. There are many different shapes having different names of Seax, depending on the region and time period. This particular shape is known as a Lang(long) broken back style, as the spine and the blade are parallel. This one is made from 90 layer Damascus steel which has had the FUTHARK written in runes, embedded in the Damascus itself. (It is more visible on the rear side of the blade, close up shot shows only a part, more photos available on request) It has an American walnut timber handle with brass and leather stacks, and a brass pommel. Comes with a hand stitched and patterned leather sheath. 


Total length:460mm, blade length:300mm, blade width:35mm, weight:377g,  total weight:  

Futhark Damascus Axe

Our latest showpiece axe. A 92 layer Damascus steel with the rune Eihwaz emdedded into the Damascus. It also has the Elder Futhark burned into the QLD hickory handle. 


Total length: 625mm; head length: 160mm; head width: 190mm; weight: 815g. 

Needlewood Damascus Dagger

100 layer twisted Damascus steel leaf shaped dagger, with hand shaped stainless steel cross guard and pommel, needlewood timber handle with leather and stainless steel spacers. Hand patterned and stitched leather sheath.


Total length approx 220mm.

Damascus Elven Short Sword

A Tolkien elven inspired short sword with a Damascus steel blade. Handle is beefwood timber with leather and brass stacks in a segmented style, ending in a brass pommel. Comes with a patterned leather sheath.


Total length: 468mm; blade length: 287mm; blade width: 30mm.

Damascus Boline 2

A low layer Damascus boline knife with a stainless steel collar and lace oak handle. Come with a patterned and hand stitched brown leather sheath.



Total length approx. 300mm

Damascus Tomahawk

Straight patterned 100 layer Damascus steel tomahawk with a QLD hickory handle.


Damascus Spiked Tomahawk

A tomahawk of 100 layer Damascus of L6 and 1075 steels, with a hammered finish on the collar and a spiked head on the back. The handle is a beautifully patterned northern silky oak timber. 


Total length: 518mm; blade length: 115mm; blade width: 252mm, weight: 711g; 

Damascus Boline

165 layer Damascus boline in a straight pattern(one that follows the curve of the blade). Handle is naturally bleached cattle bone, collar and pommel are polished copper. Comes with a hand-stitched leather sheath.


81 Layer Damascus Dagger

81 layer Damascus dagger or athame with a black wenge timber handle, stainless steel fittings. Comes with a hand stitched black leather sheath. 


Length: 275 mm, length inc sheath: 290 mm.

Damascus Scottish Dirk

81 layered damascus Scottish dirk with a hand carved African Black Wenge timber handle and sheath, black leather belt attachment, stainless steel fixtures.


Length: 350 mm,  length inc sheath: 390 mm, weight: 215 g, weight inc sheath: 370 g.

Cable Damascus Dagger

A cable Damascus dagger or athame, very large, almost a short sword style, with purple heart timber handle, stainless steel fittings. Comes with a hand stitched black leather sheath. 


Length: 390 mm, length inc sheath: 405 mm.

Cable Damascus Leaf Dagger

Cable Damascus leaf shaped blade with a needlewood handle and brass cross guard and pommel. Comes with a hand-stitched brown leather sheath.


Length: 275 mm, length inc sheath: 290 mm, weight: 205 g, weight inc sheath: 275 g.