The first night starts with a tour of the workshop, getting you familiar with the tools and materials we will be using, a run through of workshop OH & S and a detailed breakdown of the days ahead. We will then move onto the design process: how to design either a hatchet style axe or a tomahawk depending on your purpose and interest.

The next day starts with a forging demonstration of hammering techniques and the process of making the axe head. Then it is your turn on the hammer and anvil. Creating of an axe head takes a lot more forging and hammer work than a knife blade. By the end of the day, your axe head will be forged out, ground, hardened and tempering in the oven.

The final day we start with hand polishing and then sharpening of the head. Then we fit and shape the handle and hand make the leather sheath(if you have time). By the end of the course you will have an axe that you have made with your own two hands. 

Cost: $715(GST inclusive) per person (minimum age 16) 


Course includes: tuition, materials, instruction and use of all tools, workshop consumables, personal protective equipment, insurance, morning and afternoon tea and a photo usb.

What to bring: your own lunch(refrigeration and microwave available), water bottle, fully enclosed shoes(preferably leather work boots), long pants.


First night: 7pm 

Next day: 8.30 am – 5 pm

Final day: 8.30 am – 5pm