• About Us

    Mother Mountain Forge is a knife making and metal working business based on the far south coast of NSW, Australia, run by Iain and Sarah Hamilton. We specialise in hand forged knives, Damascus steel and decorative blacksmithing.

    Iain is a Blacksmith, Bladesmith and metal artist, Sarah runs the website, admin

  • Handmade Knives

    We hand make a range of knives to suit any purpose; all manner of culinary/kitchen knives and cleavers; hunting, fishing and utility knives; axes and tomahawks; ceremonial and dress knives, daggers and the occasional sword.

    All our knives are 100% hand made on site here at Mother Mountain Forge.


  • Courses

    **COVID 19** We are still running courses at the moment, but will comply with any state regulations. If your course date needs to be cancelled, we will transfer your payment to a future course date**

    Here at Mother Mountain Forge we run courses in knife making, blacksmithing, axe making, and

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Season 4: Episode 1 - Iain delivers our Boer goat buck "Sly" to River Cottage to lend a hand increasing Paul's goat herd. 

Season 2: Episode 4 - Iain and our son Xaviar delivered some of our Boer goat crosses to join the family at River Cottage. Episode 5 - Iain and Paul spent the morning in our new workshop welding up a bbq grill from an old gas bottle to be used as chicken grills at local events and markets. Keep an eye out for all 4 of us at the Seaside Fair episode, and also Iain in the final feast episode.

Season 1: Those of you who know us, know that we love River Cottage UK and that it was one of the inspirations for our move to rural life. So imagine the thrill of receiving a call from your favourite TV show, asking you to be involved in their Australian series! Iain appears in episode 7 with Paul in our workshop forging a chef's knife for Paul and again in episode 8 at the final feast at River Cottage where another hand forged knife is given to Hugh.

Check our Facebook page for photos of the knives he made hosts Paul West, and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and other River Cottage happy snaps. Here is a link to an article and interview on us that the lovely people of River Cottage Australia have put together: