Alloy: a mixture of two or more metals, or of metal and non-metallic elements.

Anvil: the iron or steel block with a hardened steel face on which the Blacksmith forges hot metal.

Anvil tools: tools with a square shank to fit the hardie hole of the anvil. These include hardies, fullers and swages.

Farrier: a Blacksmith who specialises in shoeing horses.

Forge: verb: to work hot steel with a hammer; noun: both the fire used to heat the metal and the workshop in which this takes place.

Hardie hole: the square hole through the face of the anvil, designed to accept the shank of the hardie and other tools.

Quench: abruptly cooling hot metal in oil or water.

Tempering: reducing the dead hardness of steel (quenched from red heat), in order to soften it to the required degree of toughness.