My take on a Saxon/Viking Langseax. Seax was the old English word for knife, but has now come to mean a certain type of sword/dagger. There are many different shapes having different names of Seax, depending on the region and time period. This particular shape is known as a Lang(long) broken back style, as the spine and the blade are parallel. This one is made from 90 layer Damascus steel which has had the FUTHARK written in runes, embedded in the Damascus itself. (It is more visible on the rear side of the blade, close up shot shows only a part, more photos available on request) It has an American walnut timber handle with brass and leather stacks, and a brass pommel. Comes with a hand stitched and patterned leather sheath. 


Total length:460mm, blade length:300mm, blade width:35mm, weight:377g,  total weight: