Throughout my career as a knife maker and blacksmith, I have made a lot of different things for people from a lot of different backgrounds and interest groups. So here are some specialised courses for this market and to show the variety that is possible within this craft.

All of these courses run on demand, so contact us to arrange a date, subject to availability around existing course dates. If you have 2 people, we are happy to change the course type of an existing course - providing it has no current bookings. Minimum age unless otherwise stated is 16 years of age.


Bearded Viking Style Axe $900 (GST inclusive) per person one person maximum 

Love Vikings? Or just after a different style of axe? This one-on-one 2 day course follows the same format as our tomahawk/hatchet course, just making a bearded axe instead and much more hammering!


Parent and Child course $495 (GST inclusive) for both

I would have loved this course when I was a kid. This fun, one day course gives a child as young as 11 the opportunity to learn blacksmithing basics with a parent/guardian there with them to share the workload. Even though every youngster would love to make a sword or a suit or armour, this gives them the chance to channel their enthusiasm into learning the techniques and tools that are the grounding of this craft. They will get to make more practical items to start with and it may spark their drive to continue on the path and maybe get to making that sword one day. 


Sgian Dubh(Scottish dress knives) $715 (GST inclusive) per person minimum 2 people, $900 (GST inclusive) for a one on one

In this 2 day course you will forge 2 sgian dubhs and leather sheaths. Perfect for your Scottish style wedding, why not get the groom and best man to come and hand make these as gifts for the groomsmen.


Cheese Knife Making Course $330 (GST inclusive) per person minimum 2 people

This is a fun and simple one day course, easy to fit into a holiday timetable. Being close to Tilba and Bega, our area is known for cheese so why not learn to make some cheese knives to take home with all your cheese?! Throughout the day you will design and forge, grind and harden, temper and polish 2 to 3 high carbon steel cheese knives. 


Wedding Cake knife $900(GST inclusive) per person one person maximum

What could personalise your big day more than making your own beautiful knife to cut the cake with? It can then be a treasured family heirloom to be used and shown off at special occasions. In this 2 day course you will hand forge and finish 1 long cake/carving knife.


Athame $900(GST inclusive) per person one person maximum

Imagine the energy and connection you would have with an athame that you have made yourself! In this 2 day workshop you will forge and finish 1 athame and sheath. Feel free to incorporate any ritual or energy work you wish into the process. A truly one off experience.


Hammer Making $715 (GST inclusive) per person minimum 2 people, $900 (GST inclusive) for a one on one

A 2 day workshop where you will learn blacksmithing and tool making basics and make 2 of your own specialised hammers for your craft or trade.


Bodkin Arrowheads $330 (GST inclusive) per person per person minimum 2 people

A 1 day course set up for the history enthusiast or re-enactment archer. Over the day, you will get to forge out as many arrowheads as there is time for!


Re-enactment domestic ware $330 (GST inclusive) per person minimum 2 people

We know that re-enactors and history enthusiasts like to have and use historically accurate items, but they can be hard to find. Why not come along and make your own? In this 1 day course, you will learn the basics of blacksmithing using a coke forge and have the chance to create items specific to your period of interest. Some examples may include a small cooking tripod, spiral griddle pan, tent fasteners, hooks, cooking utensils etc. Although we are all for historical accuracy, we do have to advise that we will be using electricity!