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Mother Mountain Forge is a knife making and metal working business based on the far south coast of NSW, Australia, run by Iain and Sarah Hamilton. We specialise in custom made knives, Damascus steel and decorative blacksmithing.

Iain is a Blacksmith, Bladesmith and metal artist, Sarah runs the website, admin and financial side of things.

A bit about Iain:

“I have a genuine love of working metal in all its many forms and have turned my childhood passion for metal work and weapon making into a business. Coming from a line of Scottish coal miners, I have coal in my blood. I just chose to use the coal rather than to mine it.

I am mainly self-taught, gaining skills and knowledge from books, websites, by good old trial and error and practice. I have also been lucky enough to share skills with some other talented smiths. So far this has been a journey of 12 years, but one which will never be over.”

We are constantly learning and seeking new knowledge, so it is our aim that education be a major focus of this site and our business. Personally we feel that you should know a bit about the processes of how things are made before you buy them.

We will add new articles, info, and YouTube video links to the Tutorials section as we get a chance, so check back regularly. We also have a Facebook page, so please like us there and keep up to date with everything the business is doing.

Our new workshop is basically finished, and we are open to the public so you can come and see the creation process. We also offer knife making and other courses. Check our website home page or Facebook page for opening times and course dates and details, or get in touch with us.

Everything you see in the gallery has been made by Iain, crafted from our own ideas and designs using traditional and non-traditional methods of blacksmithing.

Our aim is to create unique, one of a kind pieces of art, whether they are blades, furniture or sculpture. So please don’t ask for an exact copy of something that you have seen, as this is not what we do.

Why the name Mother Mountain Forge?

Mount Gulaga (also known as Mount Dromedary) is the place of ancestral origin within the mythology of the Yuin people, the Indigenous Australians of the area. Gulaga itself symbolises the mother and is known as the Mother Mountain. She is the view from our forge and home.

Happy browsing

Iain & Sarah

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